Financial Planning services focusing on educating, coaching and empowering the community in
which we operate
Vhapfumi Holdings
Financial Planning Services focusing on educating, coaching and empowering the community in
which we operate
Vhapfumi Holdings
Financial Planning Services focusing on educating, coaching and empowering the community in
which we operate
Vhapfumi Holdings

We determining how your business will afford to achieve its strategic goals and objectives


We do this while focusing on educating, coaching, and empowering the community in which we operate.

We provide portfolio level reports about open risks, open issues, active projects, key milestones, and demand pipeline for the portfolio.


About Us

Who We Are

Vhapfumi Holdings was founded in order to provide Financial Planning services while focusing on educating, coaching and empowering the community in which we operate. As a result of the influence of our Financial Advisers in their lives, we trust that they will be more financially capable.

The Tree of Life is something that we live by. What it represents for us and as well as our clients is this:

Vhapfumi is a representation of the roots of the tree which provide a solid Financial Planning foundation for Wealth to grow. We help to provide Cover from the harsh elements by the South African bread winner to ensure that the necessary Wealth Protection is in place and thereby Protecting their Families.


Our Vision

We want to see South Africa more Financially capable and responsible for their families


Our Mission

To educate and to coach Advisers of diverse backgrounds, with the overall objective of Growing Wealth, and allowing them to Protect their Families financial future.

Our Value Proposition

  • Experienced Management team
  • Experienced Administration Hub
  • Admin systems for tracking business flows – accessible via mobile app
  • Production based Medical aid subsidy
  • Telemarketing coaching and appointment setting assistance
  • Combined industry experience of 93 years
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Tailormade sales plan
  • Industry leading Analysis software
  • Investment Portfolio Reporting for clients
  • Mentorship
  • A Team focused on PRIDE
  • Incentives
  • Branches in Johannesburg and Kwazulu Natal


For Businesses


Keyman Cover

It covers a person who is key to the running and/or profitability of your business. Whether it’s what they know, who they know or what they do, a key person’s sudden death or disability can signal disaster for a business. This type of contract is funded by Life and/or Disability cover – if a Keyperson passes away or is permanently disabled, the company will have the funds available from the proceeds of the policy to start the process of finding a replacement.


Buy & Sell Agreements

If you’re a business owner and you pass away, a Buy & Sell agreement, funded by a Life assurance policy, will place an obligation on your remaining partners to buy your share of the business from your estate, and it lets surviving business owners take control of their business again. The surviving spouse, or family will also obtain a fair pay-out.


Provident Funds Employee Benefits

A Provident Fund is a forced saving mechanism for Employers to use for their staff, a defined amount (monthly contribution) that gets deducted, and over time a little sum becomes a lump sum, accumulating interest up until your retirement. Risk benefits, such as Life Cover, Disability, Income Protection and Dread Disease cover can be added to this to enhance the offering to your most valued staff.


We understand that you need to focus on growing your business. Liberty's umbrella solutions give you the flexibility to structure employee benefits that will empower your employees. This allows your employees to live their lives with the knowledge that their financial future is secure and their families are financially protected. Liberty's umbrella solutions are offered through the Corporate Selection Umbrella Funds.

Attracting great employees can be as difficult as attracting investors. We know you want to offer your employees the best.

Investing in your employees is investing in your business. We know how important it is to have a full employee benefit offering to attract and keep the best employees.


For Individuals


Protection of Wealth




Short-Term Comprehensive Insurance

You like short queues, short meetings and short, strong cups of coffee. So why would you go the long way ’round when it comes to insuring your Car, Residential building, Household contents, Personal Liability and On-The-Go? Liberty Short-Term is the quickest and easiest way to get covered. No endless paperwork or red tape.

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